Standard Square Tree Grill
Mild steel

Apnova steel tree grills / guards give an elegant touch on the surface. These tree guards are circular or square or rectangle, our tree grills available in varities of designs.

Optionals Accessories

  • Frames are available as medium or heavy duty, the difference being the amount of central support provided.
  • The tree frame is secured into a concrete base by either bolting or sinking the tangs into wet concrete.
  • The concrete base sections should be approximately 150mm wide and 200mm deep to provide adequate support.
  • The tree grill is secured to the frame using anti-theft clamps

Choice of colors

Powder Coated

RAL 6035
Pearl Green
RAL 7001
Silver Grey
RAL 9005
Jet Black
RAL 6003
Olive Green
RAL 7026
Granite Grey